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Saturday, August 19, 2006

St. Barts

Here is the first island I am posting... St Barts in the Caribbean...

Here is the layout:

Here are some notes about St Barts from

It is widely believed that St. Barts was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493, and he named it in honor of his brother Bartolomeo. In the mid-1600s, the French arrived, took control from the indigenous indians, and built small settlements.

In 1784 it was sold (traded) to Sweden, and even though the French bought it back in 1878, some Swedish influences remain, including the name of the its capital, Gustavia.

The island is part of the French overseas department of Guadeloupe, and the French influence and style are everywhere.

It is considered by many to be the Caribbean's most beautiful island, with dozens of white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and a green, hilly landscape punctuated by numerous lagoons.

St. Barts is definitely upscale, and a favorite of the rich and famous. The island is chic and simply stunning. Gustavia, a duty-free port, is a picturesque place of red-roofed buildings, boutiques, a yacht-filled harbor, and a very relaxed lifestyle.


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