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Saturday, August 19, 2006

What is an Instant Island?

Terraforming in Second Life is something everyone can do, and most people do it badly. Doing it by hand, especially when you are terraforming a whole sim can take days to do correctly, and you have no overall scope of the project.

I've seen so many islands out there that have major problems like no sense of balance, beaches that instantly plunge you 20 m under the water, square ugly islands parceled off like prison cells etc., that I finally wanted to give people an easy and instant alternative to doing it themselves. I have about 50 or so islands that I have designed with nice sloping beaches, lots of water, and smooth inlands. They are taken from real life, real islands designed by [fill in your deity here]. They can be easily uploaded using the estate tools for sim owners, changing a task that took days or weeks into one that takes minutes. I have left the islands flat, so the sim owner can customize it to their liking. Much easier to make a mountain that to get the basic parts of an island right...


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